Consistent improvement for constant improvement

A software to adopt the Kaizen philosophy that embraces continuous improvement. Orchestrating the team harmoniously to make the most of what each one can offer

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Have a consistent day-to-day improvements in the organization

Reduce costs, make operations flexible, and increase your team's productivity through the Kaizen philosophy.

Have multidisciplinary teams

Ensure multidisciplinary through knowledge transfer.

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Improve products and services

Track the success metrics of your Hackathons.

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Reduce costs and increase productivity


Processos de inovação aderentes à rotina de trabalho através do uso de um Software dedicado às principais demandas criativas da sua empresa.

Successful Innovation Program

Make Kaizen a tool to boost Innovation

See how your employees can contribute to the optimization of processes and enhance the company's performance with the Kaizen philosophy.

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“During this period, we have had more than 16 thousand suggestions for ideas in almost 10 years of the program and this is fantastic. And financial result, which exceeds 55 million reais.”

Parceiro | Aviva
Alessandro C.

General Manager of Strategy and Innovation

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R$8.62, this is the return for each real invested by CCP

Being a traditional company was not an obstacle for CCP to adapt its own culture and foster an innovative mindset internally.

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Know McKinsey's 3 horizons, how much to invest in each one?

McKinsey’s 3 Horizons of Innovation, developed based on market research. The result was this simple yet effective framework.

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Focusing only on present innovation can cause problems

Organizational ambidexterity, did you know that term? We explained in the article, in order to guide your innovation portfolio by planning initiatives without wasting resources.

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Software to apply Kaizen

With AEVO Innovate, you have a customized solution for your business with an intuitive and 100% digital interface.