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We are a community for transforming ecosystems by introducing innovation, we help solve organizations' biggest challenges through people and connections.

Hubs, labs, and open innovation consultancies

  • Extend your consulting with AEVO Innovate.

  • Launch your challenges to selected companies.

  • Use our methodology, training, processes, and tools.
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Continuous improvement, idea program, and HR consultancies

  • Extend your consulting with AEVO Innovate.

  • Enable real-time tracking of the progress your customers are making.

  • Add one more feature to your scope of service.
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Over 300,000 professionals already use AEVO Innovate. Become one of them!

New Revenue Line

We will add a new service model to your scope, expanding your business possibilities.

Support and Training

Training and certifications to help you deliver results and follow-up on the new service tied to the partnership

Recurring Revenue

While the partner’s clients still uses the platform to streamline their initiatives, even if the consulting service ends, the firm will still have an income from that contract.


The platform drives the emergence of new leaders within organizations: entrepreneurial employees.

Open Innovation

A portal for the launching of challenges linked to the platform for the management of startups.

Portfolio Management

Manage multiple projects in an integrated way, following up results with pre-established metrics.



“Our purpose is to boost innovation in companies and we do this through our platform. We understand the super importance of working together with partners that help companies innovate in different ways for the innovation ecosystem’s growth.”

Flávio Marques
Flávio Marques

Head of Business Development

Do your operations include organizations with more than 100 employees? Be a Partner!

Learn about Scholle IPN's Success Story. With headquarters in different countries such as Brazil, Chile, and the United States, the company is a world leader in flexible packaging solutions.


Our purpose is to drive innovation in companies